Friday, May 7, 2010

Las Vegas....It's All About the Light

Las Vegas is known for many things. Iconic images of Las Vegas abound.

And many of the first images that will appear in your mind is of some sign, lit up against a night sky, somewhere in Las Vegas.

Old signs among new.

Classic signs, red hot with energy.

The First Lady of signs, the Silver Slipper. One of most memorable of the classic signs in Las Vegas.

For over fifty years, the electric signs of Las Vegas have glowed soft or bright. Warm.

Or in a cool neon color.

But a change is coming that will forever alter the glow of old Vegas lights.

A move from incandescent....

Away from the subtle sensuousness...

To a colder hue of only white glare...

From the hot burning faces of metal...

Reflected in all things polished and smooth.

Old faces have changed.

Others will also soon lose the warm glow..

While nothing replaces the buzzing neon red or blues..

The new look is clean and cold.

Not warm. Or hot.

From now on and forever more, even the smallest of bulbs are florescent. Clean cold energy saving florescent.

The soul of Las Vegas is hot, in-the-gutter, sexy. And while I understand the new ways towards the future of power use and embrace them, in my heart I know, the soul of Las Vegas will never be represented by cold and energy effiecent fluorescent bulbs.

If they put them in the signs at the Neon Bone Yard, I'm going to cry.

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  1. Kim, I loved this series of photos. I also like how you describe the soul of Las Vegas, "hot, in-the-gutter, sexy.