Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's the Same, But Different......

C C_K_1_7
"Crystals"" by Vegas.Rain // ©2011 K. Cochrane

Exploring Downtown Las Vegas again. I never get tired of it. Signed up for the CSN Prime Document Class, so wandering about Las Vegas with camera in hand is on again! I love seeing my home town through a lens.....or really, through my eyes as a photographer.

It's so much of a 'hunt' and I love it. Especially when I find something that engages my imagation! I can spend hours in the same 1000 square feet sometimes...there is so much to see in this world!!!

C C_K_1_5
"Gilded" by Vegas.Rain // ©2011 K. Cochrane

The Downtown area has fabulous places to explore. I'm limited to just one PRIME lens for the semester....which I believe will foster my creativity and expand my photographic knowledge base in many ways. This is going to be fun!

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